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Whats better than becoming your OWN boss?

We know, NOTHING! Ok, so everyone sells hair? WE get it! BUT, did you know that the hair industry is at a WHOPPING $445 MILLION?! Thats right, its literally a gold mine and its ncreasung more and more! Well, the million dollar questions we hear all day are:

"How do I start?"


"Where do I find vendors?"


"How do i make customers purchase from me with so much competition out there?"

Don't worry! We got you! WE've already mastered the hard part, which is finding a vendor, testing out quality, making sure it bleaches and holds a curl well. Baby listen, it took about a year and about $2500 to even find a quality vendor with great hair.

Welk we've cut all that in half for you, and our prices are lower than most vendors in China. We wholesale to over 13 states in the US, we also help with any marketing questions, logos, and we'll even customize your brand tag for your wholesale order. 

We offer a variety of affordable packages to fit your budget. 

  • Gold Wholesale Package-14 bundles of your choice, any texture, up to 22 inches
  • Silver Wholesale Package-30 bundles of your choice, any texture, up to 26 inches
  • Exotic Glam Wholesale Package-40 bundles of your choice, any texture, up to 28 inches
  • Premium Bella Wholesale Package-52 bundles of your choice, any texture, up to 30 inches

We also offer more customized products, shirts, custom bags, custom bonnets, headwraps, clothing, website designs, brochures, flyers, business cards, and much more!

Also, our marketing seminars will be live in the next few weeks to give you a few tips, not to do's, and more.